Watchman Radio is temporally off air!  (The owner/manager is on an extended mission trip.)

Good news -  Live365 has a new owner and has plans to come back!

We hope to be broadcasting with them again soon!

The Northern Maine Camp Meeting held the end of August 2015 at the Baptist Camp Ground located in Mapleton Maine was our favorite camp meeting!  The main speaker was Professor Walter Veith, who has traveled widely throughout North America and the world presenting his visually documented Amazing Discoveries seminar. He changed from an atheist and evolutionist to a Christian and creationist.   He is an ardent student of history and prophecy and has lectured on his findings in archaeology, history, Bible prophecy, secret societies, and political intrigue.  Watch a recap of the 2015 camp meeting below by THE TRUTH PRODUCTIONS .COM in cooperation with Watchman Radio. 

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